At Unger Feeds, we strive to help make your farming experience successful and enjoyable. We carry a wide range of livestock feed, pet food, wood shavings and all Healthistraw products for your animal bedding, varieties of minerals and milk replacers, feeders, waterers, nesting boxes, heat lamps and much more.


Most of our products are available in 20 kg bags, or in our mini-bulk options: 55 gallon barrels or 1 tonne totes.



We have an extensive selection of supplies and accessories for small farms, hobby farms, and wildlife enthusiasts in-store. Get the tools you need to nourish your livestock or attract birds and other wildlife within view to experience nature in your back yard.


Becoming a “bird feeder” can be as simple as placing a feeder full of seed in your yard and waiting for them to find it…and they will find it! Be patient…here are a couple things to consider:

  • It is important that you use a seed type or seed blend based on the birds in your local area.
  • Birds generally find their food by sight. Placing your feeder where it will be visible to them should decrease the time it takes for birds to start feeding.
  • Sometimes sprinkling some seed on the ground or on top of the feeder will let the birds know that you are open for business.
  • Remember to keep your feeders clean and change the seed at least once per month if the birds have not begun eating.

We carry a wide variety of bird feed, feeders and accessories.


Choose from our wide selection of in-store feed blends and bring wildlife to you. We carry products that are more attractive to specific animals if you aim to see a particular species. Ask us what wildlife you are wanting to attract and we’ll make sure you get the perfect blend!


At Ungers, we carry a wide assortment of name brand, high quality pet food for your furry family members, including dog, cat and rabbit food. We also carry many supplies including pet toys, collars & leashes, feeders, waterers, kennels, pet beds, treats, flee & tick control, and much much more!


  • Diamond Naturals | Dog, Puppy & Cat
  • Taste of the Wild | Dog & Cat
  • Tuffy’s | Dog, Puppy & Cat
  • Tuffy’s Gold | Dog & Puppy
  • Ostlund Falls – Kibble | Dog & Puppy
  • NutriSource | Dog & Puppy
  • Manchester | Dog


Welcome to the 2021 Chick Season! We loved seeing so many new customers this last year and we hope to see you all back again!

We are a proud supplier of ANSTEY HATCHERY birds. We will be taking orders from now through June.


BONUS • As in past years, we are again OFFERING OUR CUSTOMERS 10% OFF all CHICK STARTER purchased when you pick up your birds.


WHEN TO PLACE ORDERS: Orders must be placed 4 WEEKS BEFORE your preferred pick up date (5 weeks for Turkeys). Payment is required upon ordering.

HOW TO PLACE ORDERS:  Stop by the store OR call us at 204.320.9440 (no emails please).


  • White Egg Layers
  • Brown Egg Layers
  • Anstey’s Cornish Cross
  • Nicholas White Turkey Poults
  • Pekin Ducks
  • Embden Goslings


  • April 14 & 28
  • May 12 & 26
  • June 9 & 23

(discounts available for 500+ chicks)

  • ANSTEY’S GIANT CORNISH CROSS – Growth & Flavour – The MEAT bird of choice.
    A large meat bird  that converts feed to meet rapidly. A sturdy build with white feathering and broad breast and meaty thighs.  Pullets weigh 8 lbs, Cockerels 12 lbs.
    – NO MV (mareks vaccinate) or BT (beak trim) of Cornish Cross Chicks
    1 – 24  $3.31
    25 – 49   $2.83
    50 – 99   $2.68
    100+  $2.56

  • WHITE EGG LAYERS – The choice of many as an excellent White egg layer.
    White feathering and easy to manage with low feed consumption. Pullets weigh approx. 4 lbs live weight.

    ​- MV and BT services are included in price.
    1 – 24     $4.14
    25 – 49    $3.69
    50 – 99    $3.54
    100+    $3.44

  • BROWN EGG LAYERS – One of the finest Brown egg layers available.
    Attractive feathering  with a very calm disposition.  A hardy bird for our climate.  Pullets weigh approx. 4.5 lbs live weight.
    MV and BT services are included in price.
    1 – 24    $4.24
    25 – 49     $3.79
    50 – 99    $3.64
    100+    $3.54

  • WHITE TURKEY – A white turkey with superior feed conversion.
    These birds have a rapid growing with high meat yield. Hens can weigh 17 lbs at 17 weeks. Toms can weigh 30 lbs by 20 weeks.
    10-24    $6.15
    25-49    $5.85
    50-99    $5.70

  • PEKIN DUCKS – A easy to manage white breed of DUCK that is very hardy and strong.
    Great for in the yard or once developed can be in the ponds or dugouts.  Rapid growth for a managed weight desired.
    $7.95 each

  • EMBDEN GOSLINGS – A very nice addition to any yard.
    Goslings are yellow and ​green in colour and mature feathering is white.  Rapid growth and easily managed and good foragers.
    $9.95 each

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