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15% off PECKstone™ by Vilofoss

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Vilofoss POULTRY PECKstone™
Promote natural pecking behaviour from day one with a Vilofoss PECKstone™
🐥 Redirect aggressive pecking behaviour
🐥 Can be used from the first day of life
🐥 All natural and organic
🐥 Easy and practical for any cage-free poultry operation
🐥 Help support optimal beak conditioning

50 lbs Lean Ground Beef

$295.00 | $5.99/lb

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50 lbs in 1 or 2 lb packages • FROZEN


Bulk Promotion Price • $5.99/lb  |  Regular price $6.79/lb


Ol' West BBQ & Dipping Sauce

Available In-Store Everyday!

This amazing BBQ Sauce will be the best purchase you make to compliment all your cooking or grilling.

Louisiana & Pit Boss Grills

Louisiana WOOD PELLET Grills – LG 700, LG 900, LG 1100 models available in-store.

Pit Boss WOOD PELLET Grills – 700SC, 820SC & 1000T models available in-store.


*If there is a different model you are after, ask us! We are able to order any model from Louisiana or Pit Boss. As well any accessories you are after!