Chicken Scratch

Available in 20 kg Bags | 55 gal Barrels | 1 tonne Totes





Ungers Whole Grain Chicken Feed (made on-site)

A list of the ingredients used in this feed may be obtained from the manufacturer or registrant.

This feed contains no added selenium.

CRUDE PROTEIN (Min) 11.48%
CRUDE FAT (Min) 2.34%
CRUDE FIBRE (Max) 2.96%
CALCIUM (Actual) 0.07%
PHOSPHORUS (Actual) 0.34%
SODIUM (Actual) 0.04%
MAGNESIUM (Actual) 0.12%
POTASSIUM (Actual) 0.34%
ZINC (Actual) 33.90 mg/kg
MANGANESE (Actual) 24.70 mg/kg
IRON (Actual) 62 mg/kg
COPPER (Actual) 6.30 mg/kg
IODINE (Actual) 0.01 mg/kg
COBALT (Actual) 0.05 mg/kg
VITAMIN E (Min) 13 IU/kg

Use this complete feed as the sole ration.

Because individual results from the use of this product may vary due to management, environment, genetic, health and sanitation differences, Unger Feeds does not warrant or guarantee individual results.