Pig Wings


  • Pork Hog Wings (aka Pig Wings)
  • Kosmosq Wing Dust Seven Pepper Face Lift
  • Pitboss Apple Butter Seasoning
  • Bigg Smoak Birds to Bones BBQ Sauce
  • Apple Juice


  1. Preheat wood pellet smoker to 200 F.
  2. Dust the Pig Wings generously with the spice of your choice (we did half with Pitboss Apple Butter and the other half with Kosmosq Seven Pepper Face Lift). Be generous with whatever you decide to use!
  3. Probe the wings and smoke at 200 F for approximately 2.5 hours.
  4. Remove from the grill and place into foil trays. Splash each tray of wings with apple juice (about ½ – 1”)
  5. Increase your grill to 225 degrees F
  6. Cover the trays with tinfoil.
  7. Return to the grill and cook for approximately 1 ½ -2 hours. (until they are probe tender and starting to shrink from the bone – you should now see the bone “handles” appearing).
  8. Remove from the grill and pour off all the juices.
  9. Smoother them with Bigg Smoak Birds to Bones BBQ sauce (or whichever sauce you prefer). Be GENEROUS WITH THE SAUCE.
  10. Return to grill – place directly on the grill – and grill for 10-15 mins.
  11. Enjoy at internal temperature to 180 degrees F.We used the 3-2-1 Method and it played out like this – 2.5 hours (smoke)  |  1.5 hours (cook)  |  10-15 mins finish.